New Asus rog fx503

Asus rog fx503

Asus Rog fx 503

Hello guys this is the asus fx503 please don’t know why a laptop company’s complicated name so much but yeah this is one of the new gaming laptops at release places this one is part of the asus rog fx503 the gaming series of laptops faces generally most gaming laptops cost upwards of one lake rupees but this is kind of like a toned down version of the gaming laptops and the price is also reduced a bit the real question is is it even worth the 70,000 that you spend on it let’s find out it has a lot of elements from the o logy see the red and black arts and the indents on the front on the keyboard the keyboard itself it’s completely plastic but in the field solid and premium as well and although it is all plastic it has quite a heft to it it makes sense because it’s year tour demons the keyboard is Bartlett the brightness can be changed but Asus rog fx503 only glows red the keys are good amount of travel it has anti-ghosting on they also feel soft and Kiki the touch pad is great it’s smooth and accurate and you can also disable it while gaming so you don’t bump into the touch pardon me sir but if you’re coming from an Apple laptop this won’t impress you that much Asus rog fx503 is good but upper crock pots are a little bitter it has all the basic port three USB one HDMI one card reader Ethernet and also combined eight phone and microphone John but it does not have any USB seaports and it also lacks an optical drive it has a 15.6 inch full HD and declared t invalid and the bezels are also quite big with this is branding on the front the screen is very sharp and bright but the colors look a bit washed out it doesn’t matter much in gaming but it will do any type of video editing or any kind of graphics work and this can use Mohnish now for the specs.

Asus rog fx503 has two basic variants one with i7 7700 GTX 1050 with 4gb of PDR v Vita and also one terabyte of storage and this one costs about it and the other one is with the i-5 7300 on the same GTX 1050 with 2gb of ddr3 and this one also comes with a one terabyte hard drive and this one cost 70,000 rupees the one that I have is the i7 one with the gtx 1050 on 4 GB of gddr5 vita and this one also has a 128 gigabyte SSD and the gaming performance would be similar on all the variants because 2 GB of ddr3 memory is also enough to run almost all the games right now and the SSD would make a little bit of a difference in the game loading times or in loading the operating system a bit faster ROM is the 8 GB on this laptop which is a bit low considering the fact that now we are having Mobile’s with each gigabytes ROM but the good thing is it is up gradable to 32 gigabytes and upgrading anything on this Asus rog fx503 laptop is very easy if you want to upgrade memory or the data on this laptop only off to do is just open up one screw and everything is accessible how great ability is always a nice feature to are giving on this Asus rog fx503 was just how I expected it can run all the games on Ultra settings but you have to turn down settings on the high-end games but just a bit to get the frame rates I took some benchmarks on this PC as well including the Cine bench on the geek man charge with but I don’t believe in its synthetic scores so that’s why I wanted to test out the gaming performance on this Asus rog fx503 laptop for Dart I tested some games including GTA 5 it was clocking in at around 25 to 30 frames per second and it was completely payable for me but for some people it might not be what if you turn down some setting just a bit even on very high settings it runs super smooth csgo is dropping a few frames on Ultra settings but I just turn down settings by just a bit and it was completely payable on Ultra settings the Rainbow six siege was hard around 25 to 30 frames per second not playable at all but if you turned on settings just like a date when gta5 and with most games on this Asus rog fx503 laptop even a little bit change in the settings will result in playable frame rates after turning down settings it was at around 40 to 50 frames per second which was quite playable me on the last one Metro last night I think it’s definitely one of the most heaviest games that I’ve seen and it absolutely killed this PC I was getting around 15 to 18 FPS on this laptop but that’s kind of obvious this is a gaming laptop and this game also locks on like very high-end pcs so here the gaming performance was great but I won’t call this extraordinary it is definitely not for the hardcore gamer who needs like the best graphics in the best possible frame rates but if you don’t mind tuning settings just of it you will be good with this one casual racing games or a bit less demanding games like fifa or run quite well even on ultra settings but for other more demanding games you will have to switch to high settings the speakers are on the side they are decently loud but they do not have much bass but the interesting part is this Asus rog fx503 laptop does not get hot while playing games.

We ran benchmarks and also high-end games and even after all of the art for like 4 hours it was still just a bit whoa home I had no cooling part with this and that kind of makes up for the health thought it has it is a bit bulky even though it does not have an optical drive and that is because it has the two big fans on the bottom and they also make the hair ventilation a lot more easier I’m sure you won’t have to buy a cooling part for this laptop because there is no thermal throttling on this one I am very impressed with the cooling on this Asus rog fx503 it is by no means a quiet laptop but always prefer a bit louder laptops are cooler then a quiet laptop that gets horn I think a lot of people overlook the heating part when they buy a laptop a laptop that heats up can degrade the performance over a long term and also would not provide consistent performance and of course it can be very uncomfortable to use as well this is actually a gaming laptop but it does fit in the productivity bracket very nicely it can be used for video editing or 2d motion graphics work and if you’re doing any kind of graphic work you won’t have a lot of problems with this I tried the rendering a 4k for honey 1080p footage and all of the results are on the screen the results are quite impressive this Asus rog fx503 laptop has the IC and seven generation processes an each generation processor would have been a better choice but for the price you can’t complain that much the battery life on this one was not spectacular it has a full 64 word battery it can run for about three to four hours easily on like normal usage and if you’re playing high-end games then it can last you like one to one-and-a-half hours overall it is a great laptop Rakhal gaming it is meant towards the people who like to play very high-end games and they don’t mind playing on high settings and for productivity as well this is a definite contender so if you’re in the market for a heavy powerful laptop that can video gaming means this can definitely be a good choice to consider under the scanner for this article guys if you liked please comments.

Asus rog fx503

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