New Asus rog fx503

Hello guys this is the asus fx50 3p I don’t know why a laptop company’s complicated name so much but yeah this is one of the new gaming laptops at release places this one is part of the asus rog fx503 the gaming series of laptops faces generally most gaming laptops

New Razerblade pro 17 Gaming laptop, amazing

Well I hope you’ve all had at least an okay start to 2021 personally i’ve got some absolute bangers lined up for you too but first let’s start with the 2021 razer blade pro 17. now with each new iteration obviously we’ve got some pretty sweet new internal hardware but we’ve still got the same old design and that’s not a bad thing i mean myself and tons of other people love that minimalist look but like how many more years are we going to be seeing the same thing speaking of that sweet new razerblade pro 17