New Razerblade pro 17 Gaming laptop, amazing

Razerblade pro 17

Razerblade pro 17

Razerblade pro 17 Gaming Laptop for 2022

Well I hope you’ve all had at least an okay start to 2021 personally I’ve got some absolute bangers lined up for you too but first let’s start with the 2021 razer blade pro 17. now with each new iteration obviously The Razer Blade Pro 17 ($2,300 to start, $2,600) we’ve got some pretty sweet new internal hardware but we’ve still got the same old design and that’s not a bad thing i mean myself and tons of other people love that minimalist look but like how many more years are we going to be seeing the same thing speaking of that sweet new Razerblade pro 17 has a bunch of different skus all of which come with intel’s 10th gen i7 10 875 h the model i was sent with came with the rtx 3070 16 gigs of ram and a 512 gig nvme ssd but you can also save a little money and go with the rtx 3060 or splurge and go big with rtx 3080 and 32 gigs of ram now one important thing to note about the rtx 3000 series gpus and these Razerblade pro 17 though is that they’re all max q versions i mean technically the max q naming scheme is deprecated apparently but if you go into the nvidia control panel and then to system information you can check and see

If Razerblade pro 17 gaming laptop mac q version or not now based on what I’ve seen all the max q versions start at a 60 watt tdp and go up to 90. non-max q versions start at 115 watts and go up to 150 oddly the 3070 in this unit runs at 100 watts for ports we’ve got three usb type a’s one usbc a thunderbolt 3 port hdmi 2.1 two and a half gigabit ethernet sd card reader and the power port now if you wanted to pop off the bottom panel you can swap out the ram and wireless card although it’s an intel card with wi-fi six so i’d probably leave that alone but there’s also two m.2 slots one of them’s already populated but the other one’s empty and ready to go for a fresh secondary ssd uh the keyboard deck and everything here is still the same which i’ll be honest i’m a little disappointed with because the deck’s so big it just feels like a lot of wasted space like all razer needs to do is dial down those huge speaker grilles and there’d be plenty of room for maybe a number pad or some shortcut keys to switch between battery saver and gaming modes for example i don’t know either way the perky rgb back lighting looks awesome uh it’s bright and super crisp looking the keys still have a short travel distance but Razerblade pro 17 still nice to type with the glass touch pad is accurate it’s large feels great and has amazing finger glide that’s what she’s all right speakers so contrary to the size of the grills the speakers aren’t nearly that big although they are a decent size and the resonance chambers are actually pretty large but even after tweaking around in the thx audio app i couldn’t get them to a point where i was happy while watching content or listening to music like the mids are clean and present but everything else is just there’s three different ips display options you can choose from so we’ve got 1080p at 360hz 1440p at 165 hertz and a 4k option at 120 hertz i’ve got the 1440p 165 hertz panel here and i gotta say my compliments are the chef this is one delicious display obviously everything is crisp with that 1440p resolution color gamuts are good max brightness is above average and of course with 165hz refresh rat gaming’s as smooth as butter my only stupid complaint is that while the display is a one finger opener the hinges are a tad bit too stiff and so it requires a little more upward force when opening which would be fine if the little slit for your finger wasn’t so bloody shallow so personally i ended up just like using two hands putting pressure on both sides and then opening now.

Razerblade pro 17

I get into the performance Razerblade pro 17 made me promise to mention that this is a pre-production unit i’ve go there so even though everything should be good to go the final retail models might come with some more optimization meaning you may or may not see better performance than the results i’m presenting here anyways when i stress tested while things got pretty warm at between 85 to 90 degrees celsius it never thermal throttle but Razerblade pro 17 does power limit throttle right out the gate pulling the clock speeds down to an average 3.3 gigahertz which is okay but still a bit away from the all core max clock of 4.3 gigahertz now i have a feeling it just needs to be under volted a bit so if the final retail units are still running the same that might be something you can try on your own to squeak out a bit more performance gaming’s a ton of fun there’s enough horsepower to push some really good fps numbers on ultra graphics at 1440p and when you drop it down to 1080 Razerblade pro 17 gets obviously even better but for games like do maternal or over watch for example i mean you may as well just leave it at 1440p you’re already passing the display’s max refresh rate may as well enjoy the max resolution too right battery life on gaming laptops isn’t often something to write home about and in this case we’ve got a 70.5 watt hour battery that gave me five hours and 20 minutes at 50 brightness with the windows power mode slider set to better battery and nvidia optimum enabled so you can still get work done or you know fart around with everyday type tasks for a little while just don’t stray from a power outlet for too long anyways that’s the early 2021 razer blade pro 17. um like usual it’s a premium gaming laptop with a price to match you know it’s thin but it doesn’t sacrifice on game performance even as we enter the era of 1440p gaming laptops

Razerblade pro 17

I would have really liked to have seen some sort of design change though like with the keyboard deck for example and maybe some better speakers but neither of those things would be reason for me not to buy this if i was in the market for a high-end gaming laptop all right i think that does it for this why not if you like the blog please comment

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