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This article will show you everything i know about the best smartphones that will come out and those that will keep doing battle don’t miss this top 10 smartphones 2022

This article will show you everything i know about the best smartphones that will come out and those that will keep doing battle don’t miss this top 10 smartphones 2022


  1. Oneplus 10 Pro


The Oneplus 9 is striking but in 2021 some features and pictures of the new Oneplus 10 pro were leaked and it’s awesome hear me out here it seems that this Oneplus 10 pro will have a 6.7 inch screen so would be slightly bigger than the previous model and will cost around 729 the most remarkable detail from the pictures that were leaked is the three cameras of probably 50 megapixels with up to 5x zoom all this is supported by a snapdragon 888 processor on the other hand the Oneplus 10 pro will apparently have an oled screen meaning the quality of images and videos will be excellent also it’ll reportedly be 10.3 millimeter thick hence solid if there’s something weird based on the leaks that’s the bulgy section for the huge lenses anyway the truth will come to light when the smartphone is officially released at some point in 2022.



  1. Sony Xperia 5 Mark III


This smartphone went beyond all expectations the Xperia 5 mark iii was released in August 2021 and is so good it presents itself as a competitive smartphone during 2022. Sony Xperia 5 Mark III has a 6.1 inch full hd oled screen that provides high quality images and it’s pretty compact so you can carry it in any pocket it has an 8 gigabyte ram like a laptop and 128 gigabyte storage for you to keep any kind of data of course it’s a 5g phone with the rear camera of 12 megapixels it has a snapdragon 888 processor that is one of the top smartphone processors and it got the android 11 software update so forget about your phone running slowly and showing errors to top it off you can use it for up to 10 hours without charging it and what’s more it comes with the fast charging this is a great smartphone you can get for around nine hundred dollars.


  1. Huawei P50

This number is an unusual case it’s such a good cell phone that the whole world wants it a bunch of people already got it for around twelve hundred dollars but only in china just as you heard the Huawei p50 was shown in July 2021 but the rest of the globe will only be able to buy it in 2022 all right what makes it so incredible let me clear it up this smartphone has a 6.5 inch ogled screen and a snapdragon 888 4g processor plus it has an 8 gigabyte ram and 128 gigabytes of internal storage so it more than covers the basics and if you add to that a colossal 50 megapixel camera and a fast charging system this mobile is above the average of 2021 cell phones also the Huawei p50 comes with the pro version that has some extra details and is also locked up in china it’s easy to understand why so many people long to get this smartphone nothing left to do but wait for it to be set free


  1. Xiaomi Me 11.


Of course a Xiaomi couldn’t be missing on this top 10 and what better than the cream of the crop of this brand during 2021 the performance of the me 11 exceeds the average of the high-end smartphones released in 2021 so it went on to compete directly with the best cell phones of 2022 it’s 108 megapixel rear camera makes it a shooting monster and it’s selfie camera is just as good with 20 megapixels this phone has fast charging wireless charging 8 gigabytes of base ram 128 gigabytes of internal storage and it comes with a 6.81 inch amo led screen in other words it has too much of everything 5g of course and also a qualcomm snapdragon 888 processor with an android 11 operating system in 2021 the other smartphones couldn’t do much to compare with such a device that by the way is priced at just seven hundred dollars


  1. Oppo Find X3 Pro


It’s time to talk about another one of the heavyweights we got in 2021a true monster that set new standards the oppo find x3 pro although it was released in march 2021 it’s so good it had only a few rivals during that year and continues to set the bar very high in 2022 will it slip a few places in the rankings well only time will tell now let’s move on and take a look at its features it has a 6.7 inch amo led screen a qualcomm snapdragon 888 5g processor 12 gigabyte base ram and 256 gigabytes of base internal storage its 50 megapixel camera has a microscopic lens to zoom up to 60x and as if that wasn’t enough it’s compatible with wireless charging and is water and dust resistant what was oppo thinking when they made such a phone it’s simply wonderful starting at eight hundred dollars what a steal


  1. Motorola Edge 20 Pro

Listen up you’re in front of the most powerful phone developed by Motorola so far but that statement serve as a basis for understanding why this high-end phone was the best of the best released in 2021 it has a 6.7 inch oled screen a 12 gigabyte base ram and 256 gigabytes of internal storage something that is really surprising about the motorola edge 20 pro is that it has a 108 megapixel rear camera and the 32 megapixel selfie camera its ability to take pictures is absurd also it has a fast charging system if there’s something holding it back that’s the processor a snapdragon 870 that could have been 888 however that detail doesn’t matter much because its operating system is also android 11 currently the latest version used for smartphones it’s simply amazing and you can find it starting at 665


  1. Google Pixel Six

The emblematic mobile phone of the world’s most famous search engine brand has arrived this is the google pixel 6. it’s quite compact since it has an amo led screen that barely measures 6.4 inches providing great image quality and comfortably holding all this for six hundred dollars unlike almost all high-end cell phones with snapdragon 888 processors the pixel 6 has a google tensor processor which is as powerful as the 888 or even more though they’re considered equivalent for now what gives the pixel 6 a certain advantage over other phones of its generation is its android 12 operating system that makes it an extremely competitive cell phone in 2022 it also has a 50 megapixel camera a base ram of 8 gigabytes internal storage of 128 and fast and wireless charging systems as if that wasn’t enough it’s water and dust resistant just an awesome and compact cell phone.


  1. Asus Rog Phone Six


Almost everything about this model has been revealed the Asus Rog phone 6 is known to hit the market in march 2022 and as a worthy Asus creation this phone has it all firstly a 6.78 inch amo led screen just the right size to play anything in the highest quality secondly its processor is a qualcomm snapdragon 898 that is it’s above the average of current processors its base ram is eight gigabytes and its internal storage is 128 gigabytes very competitive in that regard one of the most impressive things about it is its 64 megapixel rear camera and 24 megapixel selfie camera even so its cameras won’t be its greatest feature but its graphics powerso this phone is considered to be one of the gaming phones with the highest standards of 2022 plus the battery will apparently last very long everything for around 1050 dollars quite a wonder


  1. Samsung Galaxy S22


Another powerful title in 2022 is the galaxy s22 that will be released in February or March in its s22 s22 plus and s22 ultra versions and they have spread that it’ll be cheaper than the s21 on releasing another interesting detail is that its camera could be a tremendous 108 megapixels meaning your photos will have a professional level and a 12 megapixel wide angle at the moment the ram or internal storage is unknown but they might potentially start with 8 gigabytes and 128 gigabytes respectively also its processor is believed to be a new one that will be better than the snapdragon 888 by the way it’ll come with amd graphics so video view and audio visual recording are expected to be its main strengths and everything for 799 dollars the s22 is still a big unknown but from what little they have revealed to us so far it’s excellent so far we have seen awesome and mysterious phones but what could break all the molds this 2022 find out next

  1. IPHONE 14.

It’s no surprise that apple tops the tech charts but it’s also no surprise that very little is known about its devices before they’re released the iphone 14 is known to come out at some point in 2022 but there’s no date yet however its screen is rumored to measure 6.7 inches an acceptable size for gaming and watching videos also it’ll apparently come in mini standard pro and of course pro max version each one better than the last something that is truly surprising is that it would take a great leap by having a usb type c port changing everything established by apple so far by being compatible with some cables from other brands wow we still don’t know the potential of the processor but it will be called apple a15 bionic only the name sounds imposing so it’ll surely be extremely powerful and that’s what we have so far though it’s also rumored that this smartphone may cost around one thousand fifty dollars anyway that’s still a rumor my apologies this is apple these phones are wonderful and as soon as i hear more about them i’ll let you know for now this article is over please subscribe like and comment

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